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Wouldn't it interest you to know what to do during garage door drama? Read here some very helpful tips

Electric openers need frequent maintenance

Malfunctions after a power outage or worn wires can cause significant problems to the whole electric garage door system. Electric operators and their parts must be checked often since they are responsible for your safety. The smallest problem can keep the door from reversing on time and someone might get trapped under the overhead door.

Make sure springs are measured accurately

When it's time to replace garage door springs, measure them properly before you order the new ones. You need to know their length, inside diameter and the diameter of the wires. You also need to know what end parts required for extension garage door springs and which types of winding cones for torsion springs.

When you need to reset your garage door opener

If you encounter a problem wherein a garage door closes briefly and reopens on its own or when the door stops before hitting the floor, you may need to reset the door opener. There are different ways to do a reset for different units but they are similar in the need to temporarily remove the power supply just like how a computer network power cycle is applied when troubleshooting connection problems.

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