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Garage Door Repair Hialeah Is Your Friendly Garage Door Company/Contractor

We are considered to be the friendly neighborhood garage door company/contractor in the community. We are always friendly and professional at all times. Our belief is quite simple; these are just not our customers but our friends as well. Therefore, we set out to provide the best services every day of the week.  We want to be the garage door company that everyone in the community turns when they need repairs, replacement or installation. In order to accomplish this goal we have to continually earn our customers trust.Garage Door Company and Contractor

One of the services we take most seriously is garage door springs.

At our company we carry a variety of Torsion springs, Extension springs, and galvanized garage doorsprings for our customers. We provide excellent broken spring repair/replacement services to make this process easier on our customers. The torsion springs come in a pair and are placed to the left and right center of the garage door for more leverage.

These springs are extremely dangerous because of they are wound incredibly to meet the tension specifications. If one of these snaps deadly force can be unleashed. There have been deaths reported from this type of accident.  The Extension spring comes in a pair as well with one being placed on the far right and left of the door. The galvanized springs are special because they are bonded to 3600 psi using iron and zinc in a metallic reaction process. They will cost you more but they will last a lifetime.  It is vital that you have a professional garage door tech provide the service.

We want our customers to have the best garage dooropeners available at their fingertips.  We have made that possible by offering openers from:

  •     Genie
  •     Craftsman
  •     Liftmaster
  •     Chamberlain
  •     Marantec
  •     Sears

In addition to the great products on this list; we also provide garage door opener troubleshooting for those customers clinging on to their old products. We can still help you get the most out of the products you have. If you do update your opener or get one for the first time; you will have choice from 3 drive motors. If your budget allows you, you can get a belt drive because it is very quiet. If you don’t have that much in your budget then the screw drive will work just as well. It might be a little noisy that’s all. These openers need to be repaired and installed by garage door professionals like us.

Every garage door owner should be concerned about garage door maintenance & adjustments and what it could do for their door.  Garage door systems are designed to last for many years as long as they are not abused and are properly maintained. There is nothing quite like preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your door. Our lubrication service is just what you need to keep your door system energized. It takes a professional like us to deliver a great job.

If you need a remote in Hialeah then we are the company to turn to. We best brands. The Liftmaster and Genie brands offer the technology of rolling code, Clicker is a popular universal remote, and with Multi Code you can use two frequencies at one time. Our are standing by to install a new remote system for you.

Our replacement/installation services are impressive because we offer such a wide choice of garage doors and garage door windows to choose from. We offer numerous designs and styles and just about the material of your choice like aluminum, wood, glass, and steel garage doors. It takes an experienced garage door company to provide dependable, safe, and reliable garage door replacement/installation services.

Our techs are highly experienced in repair service. Our company/contractor even offers an emergency service to ensure our customers are in good hands at all times. Our techs can replace section of garage door or fix up that broken emergency release. If your door went off track they can put it back easily.  Choose a professional to provide repair service; choose us.

We do not want you to let garage door cables & tracks problems get you down. Our experienced techs are here to offer solutions you can depend upon. If that cable loose we will tighten it up.  If the cable came off the drum we will put it back on the drum and make sure it don’t happen again. If you need us to repair bent garage door track we can provide that surface in a jiffy.

Always call on one of our seasoned techs to provide cables & track services.


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